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SAS All Star

Reserve Champion Intermediate Bull at Louisville
Class Winner at Kansas City and Denver

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All calves, to date, have been born unassisted and are solid colored!!


ASA: 2205951
BD/ 02-27-03   BW: 94#    WW: 825#
Yearling Data:
52 inches at 1 yr
39 cm scrotal
1320 YW actual
16.82 REA    BF: 0.18    Marb:  7.25 marbling
Triple polled , Heterozygous black

            LCHMN BLACK ASPHALT 7068
            MISS PRICKLY PEAR 615F

3.8 3.4 47.5 72.5 9.3 12.7 36.4 0.11 103.2 66.1

SAS All Star

SAS All Star is a strait leader!

A comprehensive profitability test was performed by the University of Illinois in coordination with the American Simmental Association.  Results found Simmental bull, SAS All Star, raised by Springers Simmentals, Cresco, IA and owned by Timberland Ranch, Argonne, WI, to be crowned the #1 Net Profit and #1 Performance Sire of the whole test, which consisted of 40 other Simmental and SimAngus sires.

The All Star progeny exhibited a $99 average profit margin/head over 2 highly proven Angus reference sires that are currently in the top 20% of the Angus breed for $Beef EPD.

Profitability was determined as a result of maximum gain, feed conversion, dressing percent , marbling and yield grade . Results were generated at the University of Illinois research farm in coordination with the American Simmental Association.

TLSR Sasha S124

An SAS All Star daughter, bred and raised by Timberland and sold to Triple C Ranch in 2007 .  Lance Ellsworth, of Cattle Vision, noted on his blog regarding the Triple C Dispersal, "An SAS All Star cow (TLSR Sasha S124) was identified by many astute breeders as being one of the top cows at the sale.  She was in the top five for breds.  As I've been saying for years....you need to use him to add power, bone, body & muscle.  

TLSR Sasha S124 first calf was Triple C's high-selling red heifer in the 2008 Millennium sale and was purchased by Remingtons (CAN). 

SAS All Star daughers, TLSR Sasha S124 are becoming a hot commodity for today's cattle breeders.


"All Star Dam" Triple C All Power R216M
SAS/ASF All Star x Triple C Grace M216
Sold for $5,250 in Triple C Farms Millennium VIII Sale
"PBS Red Erin S621"
Dam: McCallister Daughter
BD: 04/04/06

At the 2008 Wisconsin Spring Spectacular All Star's progeny was the Top Selling Bred Heifer, Top Selling Embryo Package
and sired the calf in the Top Selling Cow/Calf Pair.

He is sired by PPSR Nophalt out of a powerful 3C Full Figures dam.  All Star topped the Jeff Springer sale in Iowa at $7500. 


Timberland Ranch
William Meyer
Argonne, WI 54511
(715) 784-0222
Email: [email protected]


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